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We are one of the TOP Certified Building Contractor Companies in St. Pete and Tampa, Florida. Our company mission is to provide every homeowner who comes to us with a solution based off their NEEDS, WANTS, and BUDGETS.

At Precision Build & Design we specialize in:

-Custom Home Building
-ICF Home Building
-Window and Door Replacements
-Roof Replacements
-Kitchen and Bath Remodels
-All Flooring products

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-Are we Licensed? YES
-Are we Bonded?
-Are we Insured?

These are all important questions to ask any company that is about to improve your home! There is no more time for smooth talkers or persuaders. This has left most homeowners down and out with money lost, and no work in return.

Showing credentials, such as licensing, proper insurance, and credible reviews can only assure you a "NO REGRET" decision before a commitment, because these are the things you and your family deserve to see as a homeowner.

Your home is your biggest investment and one of your biggest commitments, wouldn't you agree every homeowner deserves to feel peace of mind after committing to a company?


At Precision Build & Design, our Local St. Pete and Tampa Bay Building Contractors have done the hours of research for you. We understand exactly what homeowners need.


And that's exactly what you will receive by working with us!
We have 20+ combined years in the Home Improvement industry. Our mission is to provide each Homeowner with transparent options based on your needs, wants, and budgets. This allows you to make a decision by providing you with ALL the information that's necessary to fulfil your project.

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