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When it is time to repair or replace your asphalt roof, Precision Build & Design, your local Tampa Bay and St. Pete, Florida Roofers, are here to get the job done. We have decades of experience delivering superior customer and roofing services to our clients, all of whom deal with the volatile nature of Florida’s hurricane season. Each year, we repair damage to shingles and flashings quickly and efficiently.

As a Roof Repair Company in Tampa Bay and Pinellas county, FL we take pride in getting the job done in a quick, efficient matter that provides you peace of mind as a homeowner.

Precision Build & Design has EXPERTS standing by to come give you a free inspection and Estimate on your Roofing Project, whether it is a repair or a Total Roof Replacement.

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VERSATILITY : Property owners want to control how their homes and businesses look, and shingles provide them with plenty of opportunities. Do not limit yourself to the traditional black shingle. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of angles, shapes, colors, forms, and styles.

STORM RESISTANT : In Florida, you need a roof prepared to do battle with punishing winds and torrential downpours. Asphalt shingles have a Class 4 impact-resistance rating, which is the highest possible categorization. They also rate well against winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

HIGH FIRE RATINGS : Roofs with great fire ratings are a must. Asphalt shingles will help keep everyone in your property safe due to their excellent Class A fire rating. They are comprised of fiberglass materials, which allows them to resist fire damage.

AFFORDABILITY : Most importantly, asphalt shingles are among the most affordable options available to property owners. While they do not possess the lifespan of metal roofs, they offer a fantastic cost-to-value ratio.

Metal roofing - The Modern Style

Looking for a sleek, modern look to your roof? Metal roofing has exactly what you need. With a variation of styles to choose from, metal roofs can fit a wide range of style and simplicity, all depending on exactly what you want. Metal roofing is extremely durable, resisting high wind speeds and easily deflecting much of what nature throws at it. This durability also increases the longevity of the roof, and if proper care is taken metal roofing can last up to double the length of time other roofing types can. With different metal types used in fabrication, this durability can be taken advantage of without cutting down on aesthetics. Metal roofs can even be created to emulate other roofing types such as shingles or tiles.

Shingle Roofing - A Traditional Classic

Asphalt shingles have become one of the most common types of roofing due to how well rounded they are. A versatile option, asphalt shingles allow color customization while also providing very strong weather and fire resistance. On top of this, asphalt shingles are widely available and are rarely hard to get your hands on. This affordable roofing is a great option if you're interested in a great all around product with minimal maintenance required.
Solar Home Systems by Precision Solar Design completed in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay - Renewable energy with solar panels available now

Flat roofing - commercial and residential specialty

Flat roofing or low-angled roofing is most commonly found on full commercial buildings and apartment complexes, however it can also be used for aesthetic purposes to compliment other roofing types and break up the monotony of a sloped roof. Flat roofing is exceptional at protecting against ozone, tears, and weather due to the fact that it is applied differently than normal shingling. It is also low maintenance and extremely resistant to surface abrasion. Flat roofing is a great option for commercial buildings, but also serves niche purposes on residential roofing.

tile roofing - durable, classic, colorful

Tile roofing is one of the oldest styles or roofing to date, yet it is still widely used in residential homes. This is due to its versatility as a roofing component, capable of withstanding extreme weather, resisting rot or wear, and keeping your home unique in style. With color palettes not widely available in other roofing types, tile is exactly what some customers may be looking for. A durable roof that can stand out among the rest, while also lasting longer and requiring little maintenance.
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